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About Us


Tailored Solutions brings years of industry experience, an extensive network, and a track record of innovative thinking. Our consultants provide insights and context for any business challenge your company faces. 


On the utility side, Tailored Solutions understand the environment utilities operate in. Our consultants fully comprehend the way utilities make money, the focus on customers / regulators, safety being top priority, the vast array of stakeholders, and the challenges caused by large scale customer outages. Our consultants have spearheaded change through all aspects of the utility industry. From pioneering new strategies, to creating more efficient organizational designs, to improving ways of doing things, Tailored Solutions Consultants can leverage their experience to help your company progress.


On the contractor side, Tailored Solutions has extensively studied how utility contractors operate. Our consultants have experience with hundreds of contractors providing a wide range of services to utilities across the US and Canada. Tailored Solutions works with contractors to improve operations and become more attractive to utilities. Our consultants can help you understand how utilities will evaluate / view your company and work with you to formulate a plan to earn more work.  


Tailored Solutions specializes in the construction, upgrading, and maintenance of electric and gas utility systems.  Our consultants have experience in every part of the electrical grid and gas network from substation, transmission, distribution to maintenance, like cycle tree trimming and IVM. Tailored Solutions also has a strong expertise in the emergency restoration process. Our consultants have been on the front line and cutting edge of emergency response operations and can work with utilities to improve all aspects of getting customer's power back quicker and safer. 


Tailored Solutions has a strategic partnership with Ele App, an software development company. When clients bring projects with a system or application requirement, Tailored Solutions works with Ele App to provide full service solution for our customer. Ele App provides behind the scenes horsepower allowing us to deliver powerful solutions to our clients. 

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