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US Will Continue to Spend Billions Upgrading the Electric Grid

"...the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) described the nation’s electrical grid as a patchwork system that ultimately will break down unless $673 billion is invested in it by 2020."

Washington Post


To upgrade their infrastructure, utilities hire contractors to complete construction projects. As a result, the amount of money being spent by utilities to procure contractor services will continue to increase. Tailored Solutions is an expert in this marketplace and uses its resources to help utilities and contracting companies thrive. Our consultants work closely with utilities to ensure they have the appropriate strategy, structure, and controls to effectively spend the money.  Our consultants also work with contractors to make strategic decisions and improve their position in the market. Tailored Solution consultants fully understand this industry and bring years of experience, an extensive network, and innovative ideas to its clients.  


Technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. Every year, the technology frontier moves into new undiscovered spaces and trying to keep up with this rapid change is a challenge for any industry. The utility contracting world has had an especially hard time keeping up. This industry still relies on a mostly manual paper-based system to handle all transactions. Annually, billions of dollars continue to be transferred through these antiquated systems across the US.


Although the utility contracting systems have not changed, the world around it has. Regulators, customers and other stakeholders expect real time, robust information at all times. To keep up, utilities continue to increase the requirements on contractors to provide information. The contractors meet these requirements by assigning more people to complete these manual tasks.


Tailored Solutions understands the current way transactions are handled and the requirements put upon the utilities and contractors. Tailored Solutions helps utilities meet the demands of their stakeholders and helps contractors automate the requirements put upon them by utilities.   


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