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Tailored Solutions continues to build a network of highly talented consultants. Tailored Solutions attracts the best people by offering project based consulting engagements. Typically, our consultants have full-time jobs and work part-time on our projects.


Each project is evaluated to determine skills and experienced needed to develop the solution. Knowing the skill sets needed, the Tailored Solutions network is analyzed to find the consultants with the most complementary skills sets. Consultants are then offered the project and the Project Team is developed.


Tailored Solutions believes in having its employees create their own schedule and work from the location of their choice. Travel is variable and may be required depending on the project. 


If you are interested in supplementing your income with project based work and joining a talented / innovative team, then please submit this brief application. Someone from the team will review your application and follow-up.


Joing the Team - Application

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