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Utility Services


Tailored Solution is committed to working with utilities. Tailored Solutions main areas of expertise include strategic thinking, analytics, and technology solutions. With years of utility experience, Tailored Solutions can bring the expertise required to meet any business challenge

Contract Services


  • Contract Strategy – develop customized strategies by evaluating the conditions and services required

  • Contract Framework – create the infrastructure for the contract to operate – work segmentation, allocation methods, unit library development, lump sum bid models, etc

  • Evaluation – build customized evaluation models to select the ideal candidates

  • Procurement Services – facilitate RFP, complete analysis, negotiate pricing and terms, produce recommendation

  • Relationships - expand the pool of qualified contractors (day-to-day contracting or storm response)


Analytics / Process Improvement


  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) program development – continuous improvement tools

  • Data mining and analytics – provide insights from data you already collect

  • Organizational design – optimize the structure of your organization

  • Process Improvement – identify and tackle areas for improvement

  • Options Analysis – provide useable intelligence, weighing the pros & cons of options to help your company make an informed decision

  • Business Case (investment decisions) – complete research and analysis, develop business case for investments

System Solutions


  • Automation – eliminate repetitive manual tasks

  • Connectivity – build connections between systems

  • Data Management – centralize and sync information to empower users

  • Improve Reporting – gain better understanding of your operations from information you already collect

  • Mobile Technology – custom developed apps

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