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Strategic Decision Making


Tailored Solutions consultants pride themselves on balancing a fierce analytical approach with common sense and qualitative assessment. This combination of skills provides an excellent partner for companies wrestling with difficult decisions. Whether your company is evaluating a potential investment, developing expansion plans, or tackling other business challenges, Tailored Solutions can be an alley helping your company navigate to the optimal answer. 


Tailored Solutions network consists of hundreds of contractors and utilities across the US and Canada. Tailored Solutions can leverage this network to help contractors expand into new territories or partner with companies offering complementary services.

Contractor Services


Tailored Solutions is committed to working with contractors interested in providing services to utilities. Tailored Solution consultants can work with contractors to make informed strategic decisions, develop bid proposals, analyze operating model, automate utility deliverables, and much more.


Bidding Contracts


Tailored Solutions provides a full range of services to help contractors be more successful bidding utility work. Tailored Solutions can provide services across the entire spectrum of outsourcing activities, from objectively evaluating your company's approach, to crafting deliverables, developing proposals, to representing your company. Tailored Solutions can be your partner in the contracting world. 


Being successful at bidding work requires understanding what are the key points being evaluated for award. Tailored Solutions can help your company develop the winning strategy to win and deliver work. 

Business Development 


Tailored Solutions can leverage its knowledge and network to help contractors enter new territories, expand offerings, and form strategic partnerships to stimulate and foster growth. Expanding to new territories requires knowledge of the environment and key players in the area. Tailored Solutions can tap into its network of utilities, contractors, labor unions, and stakeholders to facilitate growth. In addition, Tailored Solutions provides outreach services; completing research and identifying stakeholder, and analyzing the market. Whether through its network or exploration, Tailored Solutions can connect your business to the key stakeholders and provide an executable plan to expand your business.


If you’re looking to expand your business into new regions or services, Tailored Solutions can be a powerful alley helping you overcome the challenges of the unknown.  

System Solutions


Tailored Solutions understands the demands the utilities put on contractors and the limitations of the tools currently prevalent in the industry. Therefore, our consultants aim to provide a wide array of services, from developing small tools to augment existing systems to more complex interfaces or complete system solutions.


Tailored Solutions focuses on providing sustainable system solutions to improve automation and reporting. Tailored Solutions uses an objective approach to evaluate you and your clients systems, deliverables, and requirements to provide a customized improvement plan.


Tailored Solutions has in-house technical experts and strategic partnerships to perform development services across a multitude of platforms.

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